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The chronicle of the company

Today Steffen and Thomas Wegener run the Paul Wegener GmbH as managing partners in the 5th generation.

Division measurement engineering:
Steffen Wegener, Dipl.-Ing. Elektrotechnik,
TU Dresden (1989 – 1994),
RPI Rensselear Polytechnic Institute,
Troy NY (1993 – 1994)

Division CNC manufacturing:
Thomas Wegener, Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Feinwerktechnik,
FH Jena (1993-1997)
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology,
Gaithersburg MD (1997)

  • 11.12.2003: Domestic type approval of a „maximum load indicating instrument“ by the PTB Braunschweig
  • 01.07.2002: Atex approval as manufacturing plant by the IBExU Freiberg
  • 08.11.1995: Accreditation according to DIN ISO 9001 by the TÜV Rheinland
  • 01.05.1990: The brothers Dietrich, Eberhard and Ulrich Wegener found the Paul Wegener GmbH in Ballenstedt, Marienstr. 24 as equal managing partners
  • 08.05.1972: Expropriation, change of name to VEB Messgerätewerk Ballenstedt Eberhard Wegener becomes plant manager
  • 1959: State-controlled involvement under compulsion, Erich Wegener is plant manager
  • 27.12.1921: Paul Wegener leaves with his sons Erich and Paul the firm Wegener & Mach G.m.b.H. and founds the Paul Wegener KG, Fabrik technischer Messinstrumente in Ballenstedt, Marienstr. 24
  • 29.06.1905: German Empire Patent No.172383: „pointer thermometer with automatic correction of pointer position“
  • 01.04.1887: Karl Wegener founds with his brother-in-law Franz Mach the firm Wegener & Mach G.m.b.H., Fabrik technischer Meß-Instrumente in Quedlinburg, Gröpern 29
  • 14.09.1877: Karl Wegener, model turner, becomes citizenship of Quedlinburg with Citizen Letter No. 2435
  • 27.03.1850: Karl Christian Wilhelm Wegener is born as son of the gardener Heinrich Wegener and his wife Marie, née Schulze in Quedlinburg.