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Turned- and milled parts

We know you make high demands on us, no matter what line you are in. Your requirements are our challenge. High precision at low prices is our target which becomes achievement by permanent extension to a state-of-the-art machinery. We provide everything you expect from a competent supplier: professionality, high precision and continuous reliability. At short-term orders, we are flexible to supply quickly.

We have found the key and manufacture for you on state-of the-art CNC controlled automatic lathes.

  • Precision turned parts from 5 to 210 mm outside diameter
  • CNC-milled parts in a working space of 500 × 355 × 500 mm
  • With and without surface treatment
  • Quantity-independent according to DIN, to sample, to drawing
  • Of stainless steel, steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Under sophisticated quality assurance and low price
  • Bushings, sleeves, pipe couplings, rings, connecting sleeves etc
  • Flanges, covers, discs, fittings etc as forging slugs up to Ø 210 mm
  • Saw-cut up to Ø 210 mm
  • Completely machined turned parts with milled grooves and radially and / or axially drilled holes and threads respectively

Milled parts

4-sided machining of all kind of millied parts with maximum edge length of up to 300 mm

  • Component parts for precision engineering such as screws, nuts, washers, shafts in special design; protecting tubes for temperature sensors
  • Threaded connections for the gas-, water-, heating- and plumbing sector such as thread nipples, reducing unions, union nuts, adapters, weld- and tightening sleeves, screws, hose unions etc.
  • Machining of saw cut-off pieces and cast- and forging blanks
  • Machining of complex turned parts with radial and axial drilled holes and milled surfaces
  • Milled parts of all kinds from small to medium size