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Data transmission devices


  • The iModem has been specially developed for the requirements of the data loggers PWBlogg N5 – N7 as well as for the pulse recording instruments ELS.
  • It is primarily used for device extention by a remote data transmisson function.
  • There are two types of modems which can be deployed, the GSM modem and the analogue ISDN modem.
  • The iModem GSM can be solely supplied by battery as needed.
  • For this purpose individiual time slots can be specified where the modem will be activated.
  • If the iModem is combined with an ELS, it can be used as protocol converter.
  • ELS instruments can be retrieved by IEC 1107 protocol if needed.
  • Combined with a data logger N5 to N7, the iModem can also be used for sending alert messages via SMS.

Technical product description