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  • The PWB software is used for readout, representation of performance data and configuring the data measurement and storage system PWBlogg.
  • Using the online interface of the data logger, relevant settings on measurement and storage can be adjusted.
  • The device can also be configured via connected modem by remote data transmission.
  • Data stored in the data logger are transmitted to PC and stored checksum protected by the readout function.
  • This can be done via device’s online port or via connected modem.
  • The program provides the feature of visualising measured data which have been read out, ie readings can be shown tabularly or as chart.
  • Furthermore, data recording can also be monitored online.
  • Any measured data and charts can be printed out.
  • To make data available to other programs, there is the option to export them to an Excel or ASCII file.


PWB Soft 3.0

3.0 Basic / Plus / Pro / RLB and Android (App)

Operating Manual PWB-Soft 3.0 Basic/Plus/Pro