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Station- and process monitoring

Monitoring of gas and water control stations

  • Specification for Ex zone 1 and Ex zone 2
  • Logging of up to 64 input signals
  • Recording of pressure, temperature, volume, flow-rate, status, 4…20mA
  • Long-term data storage on SD memory card
  • Alerting, status message via SMS
  • Remote data transmission via GSM/GPRS
  • Integration into existing control systems
  • Supports condition-based maintenance subject to G495

General parameters

  • Operation by alphanumeric display (2×16 characters) or graphic display (128×64 pixel)
  • Recording of up to 8 (N6) and up to 64 (N7) measuring signals respectively
  • Logging of pressure, temperature, volume, flow-rate, status, 4…20mA signals etc
  • Analogue signal resolution up to 16 bit
  • Sample rates 1s to 1h (ms-sampling possible)
  • Data storage without interruption in 1s interval over 1 year using optional memory card (up to 4GB)
  • Threshold signalling by Namur output and/or SMS
  • Supply by mains adapter and/or lithium battery (durability up to 5 years)
  • Degree of protection IP65 data evaluation / parameterisation
  • PWB-Soft 3.0 basic and PWB-Soft 3.0 plus for PC/laptop for evaluation and parameterisation of data loggers
  • Data reader DCU 4.0, in particular for reading devices without PC/laptop
  • PWB-Soft 3.0 pro and terminal software for storage of measured data, for comparative evaluation of different measuring positions as well as for automatic monitoring and information retrieval of loggers via remote data transmission.
  • Explosion protection
  • N6 zone 1 (II2G) intrinsically safe (Ex ib IIB T4) subject to DIN EN 60079-0 and 60079-11
  • EC type-examination certificate IBExU08ATEX1159
  • N6 and N7 zone 2 (II3G) non-sparking (Ex nA [ic] IIB T4) subject to DIN EN 60079-0, 60079-11 and 60079-15 iModem
  • Modem for data transmission and alarm message
  • Types for analogue telephone network, ISDN, GSM net and GPRS (TCP/IP) available
  • Optional battery operation possible

Technical product description