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mobile measurement systems

PWBlogg Pressure test set


Robust, waterproof Case in the variant: N7/PC1550/E N7/PC1500/E N7/PC1450/E N7/PC1400/E

optional equipment: thermal printer, SD/MMC-card, and bluetooth

General parameters

  • Operation by alphanumeric display (2×16 characters)
  • Recording of up to 8 pressure, temperature and pulse signals
  • Sample rates 1s to 1h (ms-sampling possible)
  • Resolution up to 16 bit
  • Accuracy (pressure) up to 0,05% of final value
  • Accuracy (temperature) up to +/-0,1 K
  • Storage of up to 1.000 000 readings
  • Backup of individual test on optional memory card (up to 2 GB)
  • Graphical logging of the test by built-in thermal printer
  • Storage and parameterisation of important test parameters on data logger
  • Degree of protection IP67
  • Supply by built-in lithium storage battery

Supported test specifications


  • sewage

  • Sewer manhole and wastewater pipe in accordance with DIN EN 1610
  • Light liquid separator in accordance with DIN 1999 -100
  • Fat separator in accordance with DIN 4040- 100
  • Supports air, water and duct tests
  • Automatic test evaluation

  • water

  • Water pipes – in accordance with W400/2
  • Contraction method
  • Normal method
  • Accelerated normal method
  • Determination of test parameters in advance and compiling test protocols

  • gas

  • in accordance with new G469
  • High-precision pressure transducer up to 50 bar with 1 mbar resolution
  • Data logger supports drain test
  • Other test protocols possible on demand

Software PWB-Soft 3.0 RLB

  • In preparation for tests and parameterisation of the logger
  • Determination in advance and storage of test parameters on data logger
  • Printout of test reports in preparation of tests
  • To some extent automatic test evaluation