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Bourdon-tube-, capsule- and diaphragm pressure gauge

  • Bourdon-tube pressure gauge –1…1000 bar
  • Bourdon-tube pressure gauge with glycerin filling –1…1600 bar
  • Stainless steel Bourdon-tube pressure gauge with or without glycerin filling –1…1600 bar
  • Capsule pressure gauge –600…600 mbar
  • Diaphragm pressure gauge –1…25 bar

Electrical contact facility, remotely controlled resistance transmitter, damping restriction on demand

Differential pressure gauge

Differential pressure gauges with electric limit contacts or current output are suited for actuating and controlling processes by means of applied process pressure.

Available in accuracy classes 1 to 3.

  • Housing steel, black or stainless steel
  • Accuracy class 1-3
  • Position of connection bottom

Indicating range

  • 0…25 mbar to 0…1000 bar, negative or positive excess pressure

Micrometer pressure gauge

Precision pressure gauges are manufactured with highest precision. Pointer and instrument dial are designed for reliable and clear meter-reading.

Beside the accuracy of the scale spacing, a smooth, skip-free pointer movement proves high demands on the quality of our micrometer pressure gauges.

Available accuracy classes 0,1 to 0,6 are particularly suited for precise and comparative measurement in laboratories and workshops.

  • Micrometer pressure gauge subject to DIN EN 837-1
  • Housing steel, black or stainless steel
  • Pressure relief port on housing back side
  • Accuracy classes 0,1-0,6
  • Position of connection bottom or back

Indicating range

  • 0…0,6 bar to 0…1600 bar negative or positive excess pressure

Connection thread

  • G1/2 B / M20×1,5

Digital pressure gauge

  • Digital pressure gauge for digital pressure measurement
  • For measurement tasks with high resolution and reproducibility
  • Available in accuracy classes 0,01 to 2,5
  • As hand-held unit to pressure calibrator

Due to the large number of products a complete listing of all available pressure gauges is not possible.

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