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Continuous chart pen recorder for pressure- and temperature measurement


Continuous chart pen recorders are used when measuring and recording pressure continuously within a range of –1 to 1000 bar and temperature between –40 and +450°C.
The portable types are particularly suitable for installation work and check operation.

  • Single-continuous chart pen recorder
  • Double-continuous chart pen recorder

Technical specifications

  • Types: wall fitting, front panel fitting or mobile construction site specification
  • Drive system: electric, mechanic 8 or 32 days running time
  • Configuration: Single, double -continuous chart pen recorder
  • Chart width: Single-continuous chart pen recorder 100 or 120 mm, Double-continuous chart pen recorder 2 × 100 or 2 × 120 mm
  • Feed rates: standard 20 mm/h, mechanical 5 to 120 mm/h or electrical 20 to 3600 mm/h
  • Measuring ranges:pressure 0…4 mbar to 0…600 mbar, 0…0,6 bar to 0…1000 bar or –1…0 bar
  • Temperature -40…450°C complying with factory standard, others on demand